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Over 6,000 hectares (5,000 hectares property and 1,100 hectares leaseholds)
• 3000 hectares cultivated
• New and full modern agro machinery park
• New farm building and new
• warehouse
• New storage units (silo bag system)
• Dolj and Olt Counties, South – West Romania – 200 km from Bucharest

Main strengths: the opportunities
The Surface: Over 6,000 ha in possession with over 80 % property
The Dimension: The biggest farmer in the area of the 11 localities covered
The Endowments: Modern farm, professional organized with all equipment’s necessarily: full park of agriculture machineries, farm unit (buildings, warehouse, storage units)
The Quality of Agriculture Land
The Achievements (a successfully running business): The turnover of the business, experienced team, crop productivity and history, etc.
The Position: Close to Craiova (20 km), capital of Dolj County and 200 km distance to Bucharest

Real estate, the figures:
• 5,000 hectares in property
• 3,000 hectares cadastral registered property
• 2,000 hectares property under procedure of cadastral registration with 2 years dead line term (1,000 hectares per year)
• 12 % possession from the total land fund (52,000 hectares) of the 11 localities covered
• 1,100 hectares leasehold with 8 years average period of leasing (under 100 € lease per hectare and 15-25% buying rate per year)

Geographical Position
• South West of Romania
• Dolj and Olt Counties
• 11 rural localities connected each other

The Farm Business, the Figures:
• 3,000 hectares cultivated
• 2,000 hectares in property and 1,000 hectares leasehold
• 1,500 hectares / 1,000 hectares and 500 hectares plots under 20 km radius
• Cultivation: grain, rape, sunflower, maize, pease, barley, tritosecale, etc.
• Pedological mapping: fertile soil, combination between clay, silt & sand*

Agriweb’s Soil Analysis made in oct 2013 based on Yara’s Megalab TM Software, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK

The Farm Business, Agriculture Machineries
• One to 2 years old
• A professional range of full and modern equipment for 3,000 hectares dimension of the farm
• John Deer, Kuhn, Vaderstad, Strom, Lemken, Horsch, Fleigel, Pronar and Manitou producers
• Tractors, combines, planters, seed drills, sprayers, tillage, cultivators, etc.

The Farm Business; Buildings and Storage System
• New main building of 300 sq.m. with offices, bedrooms, kitchen, dinning room, bathrooms, etc.; 2013 year of construction
• New warehouse of 840 sq.m. (28x30m /11 m height) for storage of agricultureequipment and cereals (2,000 to of wheat capacity); 2015 year of construction
• Silo bag system for storage cereals
• Tipper bridge of 60 to.
• Full video monitoring and security system
• 12,700 sq.m. of land in property

Other Properties:
1. Industrial Asset in Draganesti Olt Town, Olt County :
• 20,000 sq.m. of storage halls (10,000 sq. m., 8,000 sq.m., etc.)
• 44,300 sq.m. of land
• Suitable for grain storage, sunflower oil processing factory, etc.

2. Plot of intravillan land of 10,344 sq. m. in Draganesti Olt, Olt County, near the Industrial asset above mentioned
• Suitable for parking trucks for the Industrial Asset opposite

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